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Mountain Road Bridge

Walk To Guthrie Cove






 Mountain Road Bridge 12" x 16"
 Private Collection

 Walk To Guthrie Cove 9" x 12"
 Private Collection


Just Outside Our Gate

Morning Hike






 Just Outside Our Gate 12" x 16"
 Private Collection
 Morning Hike 9" x 12"
 Private Collection

Lilacs In East Sound

Tayloe’s Cliffs






 Lilacs In East Sound 9" x 12"
 Private Collection

 Tayloe’s Cliffs 12" x 16"
 Private Collection


Guthrie Cove

Deborah & Fara






Guthrie Cove 16" x 20"
Private Collection

Deborah & Fara 16" x 20"
Private Collection




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