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Added on 01.24.18

More than anything, Bruce loves his wife Zohreh. He also is a prankster. So when he approached me about doing a painting of his wife's garden, I was honored. It just so happened that they were also chosen to be on the neighborhood garden tour last year. The tour was in full swing, and I was painting away, when a woman asked if she could purchase one of the paintings I had done. (I had come out a few weeks before to get a head start.) Well, Bruce took that opportunity to convey to his wife that perhaps all the paintings would be sold. She was not too happy about that, as she was looking forward to owning one. Bruce told Zohreh to wait until after the event viewing to see what was left. After a couple weeks of torture, he relayed to this beautiful woman that he had indeed purchased all of the paintings for her. And here they are at home! Zohreh's Garden.

So honored


November 2017. The Mount Dora Center for the Arts is located in the most charming town. There is actually a change in elevation that gives you a view of Lake Dora. The past few years they have hosted a Paint Out. This year (2017) I was chosen as the feature artist with some good wall real estate! Thank you so much! As an additional treat, I placed third in the Quick Draw. This is a non-juried event, so there are always new and old friends to paint with. And of course the weather was perfect!.



In 2014 I was commissioned to do an abstract for Wescor. New office, lots of modern furniture and glass wall treatments.

I have to say, it was so much fun.

A challenge is always good, and to make a large
painting with crazy bright colors, even better.